Hopefully this short video will give a sense of why I often drive up to Dover to visit Lee Loebelenz and the Wolf Hounds at Lion Spring farm.  

Lion Spring Farm, Dover, MA Lee had bred Thoroughbreds for many years. I first learned about her from Harry Hicks who was training her horses.

The title of this video should be "Before" since Goose,  the Irish Wolf Hound which Sam Houston, a noted breeder and judge of dog shows, has asked Lee Lobelenz to supervise the birth of the first puppies this female has produced. Lee has helped many Thoroughbreds through the process of delivering foals, but this is her first experience with delivering pups from this size dog with the complications that are always possible. She owns two Irish Wolf Hounds, which she has shown, but her female has not had pups.

Goose has had a cesarean and produced 5 puppies. Lee ihas started the vigil of watching them night and day. Occasionally she is relieved by her husband or daughter, but generally she's the one on the job. At one point, she mentioned that Goose seems to consider her, Lee, the mother of the puppies, perhaps because she had no nesting experience. I can't help joking that the pups look like little rats or Pit Bull pups. I'm sure she wasn't overly happy to hear that.

The Irish Wolf Hound pups are five days old. Goose and Lee have survived the experience. I can't imagine that they will develop to be Wolf Hounds, but…..

At 2 weeks and 4 weeks, the five Irish Wolf Hound pups, Goose and Lee are thriving with some bumps in the road. Goose is wonderfully cared for and these little creatures are looking more like they will turn out to be dogs….Lee might have gotten a full night of sleep by the 4th week.

The plan had been for Sam Houston, noted dog-show judge and Irish Wolf Hound breeder, to take Goose home when the pups were weaned at six weeks. While he's at Lion Spring Farm he gives the pups their first inoculations which causes a bit of squealing, but not much. He also looks over the pups and encourages Lee to introduce stimulation so that they aren't timid about disturbances. I would run away with Goose in a New York minutes and i've only seen her a few times. I can imagine how Lee feels as she watches Goose politely get into the van, leaving her with the pups.

The Irish Wolf Hound pups have recovered from a reaction to their first inoculation and are picking up weight steadily.  Pink, purple, green and yellow, names that came from the original bands that allowed Lee and her daughter, Susan, to weigh and record the weights of each, are developing personalities. Black, named for the color of his coat, is slightly more timid, a lover rather than a players.

Three pups have let Lion Spring, leaving green, a male now named Gryphon and purple, a female now named Geileis. Sam Houston, noted Irish Wolf Hound breeder and show judge, guided Lee's choice of pups, urging her to keep the two which he thought would be best in the show ring and. in the case of the female, be best is Lee chooses to breed her. There are still many jokes about Gryphon, the whiner, who is, in fact an gorgeous looking dog.